• Only 12 premium apartments

  • Cozy location in an attractive area

  • High-class materials and quality of finish

The prestigious Ascot Apartments project is being built at ul. Taborowa 26, in the direct vicinity of Służewiec horse racing track. The unique building with modern architecture will be a perfect choice for those who are looking for a quiet place in a convenient location. The green surroundings of the apartment block will undoubtedly be appreciated by lovers of long walks, jogging, and cycling.

A unique building for the demanding who appreciate discrete elegance and high standard of finish. A perfect place for those who seek compromise between a home in quiet vicinity and the comfort of living in a functional apartment. The layered external walls, high-density brick, and enhanced acoustic insulation windows ensure perfect silence inside, while the underground parking lots provide the comfort of safe and easy car park. All the apartments have a balcony or patio.

APARTMENT 1 3 rooms 77.18 m2 2nd Floor Balcony 6.89 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 2 3 rooms 77.14 m2 3rd Floor Balcony 15.25 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 3 3 rooms 54.08 m2 3rd Floor Balcony 13.85 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 4 Studio 30.07 m2 3rd Floor Patio 6.04 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 5 Studio 42.28 m2 3rd Floor Balcony 7.59 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 6 3 rooms 77.14 m2 4th Floor Balcony 15.27m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 7 3 rooms 54.08 m2 4th Floor Balcony 13.85 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 8 Studio 28.47 m2 4th Floor Patio 14.29 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 9 2 rooms 46.7 m2 4th Floor Balcony 7.59 m2
Patio 11.26m2
APARTMENT 10 3 rooms 77.14 m2 5th Floor Balcony 15.28 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 11 Studio 35.58 m2 5th Floor Balcony 13.85 m2 SOLD
APARTMENT 12 3 rooms 63.89 m2 5th Floor Balcony 5.72 m2
Patio 30.51m2
Commercial space 1 80.87 m2 Ground Floor SOLD
Commercial space 2 202.49 m2 Ground Floor available
Office space 1 80.87 m2 1st Floor Balcony 6.89 m2 available
Office space 2 222.49 m2 1st Floor available
Office space 3 222.45 m2 2nd Floor Balcony 5.04 m2 available
Office space 4 37.03 m2 3rd Floor Loggia 7.59 m2 SOLD
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